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Binaculars Astronomy: If you can't afford a telescope, binoculars will do for star-gazing

Many of the readers of the Stargazing column have sent me emails seeking advice on where they could get telescopes in Nepal. Unfortunately, telescopes are not available here and even if you get one, it might be either expensive or not suitable for your observing requirements. In many ways, binoculars prove superior to a telescope for amateur astronomers. If you have never experienced binocular astronomy, you'll be thrilled at how easy objects are to locate and the speed and comfort at which you can observe. A whole new experience is waiting for you. Binoculars have a wide field of view and provide right-side-up images, making objects easy to find. They require no effort or expertise to set up ? just sling them around your neck, step outside, and you're ready to go. They can reveal craters on the Moon, moons orbiting Jupiter, Milky Way star fields, and even other galaxies.
But, before you purchase binoculars, you'll need to understand a few basics. Aperture is the most impor…