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May 24-27, Parasi

NASO organized Asronomy School for Kids in collaboration with Filters For Families, a reknown working NGO in Parasi. In the school Prof. of Astrophysics in Colorado University, Suzane Taylor, Vice-President of NASO and Research Student of Astrophysics in Tribhuvan University Mr. Sudeep Neupane, Founder Member of NASO and research Student of Astrophysics Mr. Riwaj Pokhrel introduced different astronomical topics and events. Mr. Madan Dhamala and Mr. T P Adhikari from Central Department of Physcis, Tribhuvan University, were also present to support all the events.

Children's from local community of Parasi eagarly participated all the talks, craft projects and observation programme.

Glimpses of the events

Source: Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO),2010

Night Sky in May 2010!

-By Rishi Shah

The night sky of this month displays the elegant beauty of fascinating planets, stars and constellations along with arcane charm of galaxies and nebulae that are spreading all over our universe. As night descends on earth, the zodiacal constellations of Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins), Cancer (crab), Leo (lion), Virgo (maiden) and Libra (scales) are seen unfurling from western to eastern horizon. Constellations Hercules (legendary muscle man) and kite-shaped Bootes (herdsman) with its luminous star Arcturus (Swati) are dominating the evening sky. Dinky Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) is sandwiched between them. Constellations Coma Berenices (Berenice’s Hair), Canes Venatici (hunting dogs) and Leo Minor (small lion) are stretching in western sky. Lyra (harp), Cygnus (swan) and Aquila (eagle) are gliding gracefully in northeastern sky. Their stars Vega (Avijit), Deneb and Altair (Sravana) are sparkling alluringly. The unique Spiral Umbrella Galaxy NGC4651 that is merely th…

GAM2010-NASO Expedition to Far East Nepal!