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Night Sky: January 2011

-By Rishi Shah

As it darkens the night skies of this month becomes alive with planets, stars and many awesome wonders of our universe. Zodiacal constellations of Aquarius (water bearer), Pisces (fishes), Aires (ram), Taurus (bull), Gemini(twins) and Cancer (crab) are seen unfurling from western to eastern horizon. The Great Square of Peagasus (winged horse) is soaring towards western sky. Constellations Andromeda (chained princess),Perseus(mythological hero) and tiny Triangulum (triangle) are estending towards east from peagasus. Dim constellations Lynx (animal) and Camelopardalis(girafe) are entering the northeastern sky.Lengthy Eridanus(river)and broad Cetus (whale) with imposing variable star Mira(the wonderful) are spreading in southern sky. Mira is moderately 420 light-years away. The charismatic constellation Orion(hunter) with its marvelous stars as Betelgeuse(Ardra) and Rigel is ascending the eastern sky.Obsured heavily behind the intervening curtains of stars and interstellar …

Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2011-Nepal

Quadrantid Meteor Shower observation has been conducted during 03:00-06:00 Hrs on Tuesday, January 4, 2011. The rate was quite low as predicted because of light pollution and the faintness of the most of the meteors!The first hour of the observation was in vain as fogs came in to play which continue next hour as well.Most of the meteors recorded only during 05:00-06:00 Hrs in the morning.20 bright meteors have been recorded during last hour of observation. The limiting magnitude for the sky was around 3.85 during the time of observation.

As the light pollution has been increasing day by day, NASO has started a special project CALP-Nepal ( campaign Against Light Pollution Nepal) since 2009.

We will come back with more observation during Perseid Meteor Shower in August if weather won't play with us! in Last three years, there had been heavy rain during the peak time of the shower!!!

Clear skies!