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Happy New Year 2067 B.S. to all of our readers and Well-wishers!

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) wishes to all our friends,readers of our blogs and well- wishers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2067 B.S. We hope this year helps to further strengthen our activities to create astronomical awareness in Nepal. We are very thankful to all our friend and supporters for their continuous supports and inspirations go implement our plans to the society. We seeks such supports and collaborations with different astronomical communities in future to reach more and more people of Nepal to collect their experience when first looked through the telescope and interacted with the people like us :-)

Photo:Star Gazers in Kathmandu pointing to the thundering area on the eve of new year 2067!

Photo: Star Gazers looking at the evening sky through the binaculars on new year's eve on April 14,2010.


Astro Quiz Contest on National TV is now Available!

It's a Sun Day: another GAM2010 event in Nepal!

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASo) organized an event to mark Sunday, global program of GAM2010 here in Nepal on Sunday,April 11,2010. The program was organized in H.B. Complex during 14:00-17:00 Hrs for the public to view the Sun through 8 Inch Dobsonian and some solar eclipse glasses. Unfortunately we could not show Sun spot to the participants during the event:-( Did you find Sunspot during the time in your region?

Photo:NASO Executive members ready during the completion of Solar Observation with the telescope. From left: Mr. Rijendra Thapa ( founder member),Mr.Sudeep Neupane (founder vice president),Er. Rishi Shah (founder president),Mr. Suresh Bhattarai ( founder Secretary) and Mr. Riwaj Pokhrel ( founder Member)

Photo: 8 inch Dobsonian from Sky Watcher used for solar observation. This telescope was bought with the help of TWAAN in 2009 for better outreach in Nepal.

Photo: Mr. Rijendra Thapa, Founder member and NPoC of SGAG for Nepal, Mr. Sudeep Neupane, Founder Vice President of …

30 Nights of Star Peace in Nepal:That's the Red Planet!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) organized star party on April 6 in the street of ancient city Handigaun as 30 nights of star peace in Nepal as an another GAM2010 celebration is Nepal. During the event,the participants were guided to the Mars with the astronomical Pointer, more than 30 people gazed to the Red Planet, Mars through our Binoculars!

Photo: A Banner for the 30 Nights of Star Peace for April 4-6 with the flags of participants countries Nepal,India,Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

During the event,we shared the theme of "one people one sky" with India while our attempt to connect with Sri Lanka and Pakistan failed due to technical problems in the telephone. S.P.C.A.C.E shared two photos that were taken by C.B. Devgan as a part of 30 nights of Star Peace in Nepal and India.

Photo: Venus and Mercury closed toe ach other in the western horizon of Delhi,captured by C.B. Devgan,S.P.A.C.E. India on April 6,2010.

Photo: S.P.A.C.E captured -8 Iridium Flare as seen in the sky above D…

Celebrating Global Astronomy Month Amongst School Students

Nepal Astronomical Society organized an Educational Outreaching activity amongst curious students of Grade 6, 7 , 8 and 9 studying at RIA School . The event was held at the premises of the school located at Kapan, Kathmandu on 2nd April 2010.

During the event, Mr. Riwaj Pokhrel , founder member of NASO ,and the coordinator of GAM Nepal talked about Global Astronomy Month(GAM)and reflected on the importance of celebrating GAM all over the world. Vice - President of NASO ,and the coordinator of Campaign against light pollution gave a brief information on 'Night Sky' and' Light Pollution' . Mr. Suresh Bhattarai,secretary of NASO and Ambassador of Star Peace Event guided students in using Stellarium, an astronomical software for sky observation. Mr. Rijendra Thapa, founder member of Nepal Astronomical Society ,and NpoC of SGAC Nepal gave a brief presentation on Understanding Science .

What is beyond the universe? Can we travel to the future? Does Black Hole eats Nebula? were…

IAC 2010 Youth Grants has been announced now!

The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) is very pleased to announce the recipients of the IAC 2010 Youth Grants Programme. These ten students and young professionals were selected from over 70 well-qualified applicants in 31 countries.

The Student recipients are:

* Ahmad Hilmi Abu Kassim from Malaysia
* Mary D'Souza from Australia
* Dymtro Faizullin from Ukraine
* Riwaj Pokhrel from Nepal
* Ahmad Shah Hakimyar from Afghanistan

The Young Professional recipients are:

* Taslim Alade from Nigeria
* Tri Dinh Quoc from Vietnam
* Funmilayo Erinfolami from Nigeria
* Guzel Kamaletdinova from Russia
* Lulekwa Mkapela from South Africa

These grant recipients will receive funding from the IAF to attend the IAC in Prague, Czech Republic in September, and will participate in a number of events. They may present one or more papers in Congress technical sessions and/or participate in a Plenary event.

They will participate in the activities of the IAC Student Progr…

Night Sky In April 2010!

-By Rishi Shah

The night skies of this month display the beauty of planets and stars along with the marvels of galaxies and nebulae that are spread all over our universe. As it darkens zodiacal constellation of Aries (ram), Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins), Cancer (crab), Leo (lion), Virgo (maiden) and Libra (scales) are seen stretching across the sky from western to eastern horizon. Puny constellations Canes Venatici (hunting dogs), Coma Berenices (Berenice’s Hair) and Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) are floating close to kite-shaped constellation Bootes (herdsman) in the evening sky. Star Arcturus (Swati) roughly meaning uplifted one or keeper of heaven in Arabic is shining captivatingly in Bootes. It is simply thirty seven light-years away. Keystone-patterned Hercules (legendry strong man) is climbing the eastern sky. Pentagon-alike constellation Auriga (charioteer), Canis Minor (small dog), Canis Major (great dog) and Orion (hunter) are gliding towards western sky. Their important st…

Global Astronomy Month Kicks off officially in Nepal

The celebration of Global Astronomy Month (GAM) has been started officially in Nepal . On the first day of GAM, Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) organized a talk programme at Celebration Co-Ed School,Narayan Taar, Jorpati during 13:00-14:00 Hrs.

During the talk programme, Mr. Riwaj Pokhrel, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) co-coordinator for Nepal explained about the GAM and possible activities that can be done during the month of April for the celebration of GAM with our available resources.The another attraction of the programme was a presentation on Light pollution by Mr. Sudeep Neupane, Vice president of NASO and Co-coordinator of Campaign Against Light Pollution Nepal (CALP- Nepal) that was initiated a year before during the IYA2009 in Nepal by NASO. Mr. Suresh Bhattarai, secretary of NASO and Ambassador of Star Peace Event in Nepal, gave a short demonstration on how to handle astronomical softwares to explore the beauty of the night sky !

To know more about the GAM 2010 in Nepa…