Lunar Occultation of Antares Tonight!

The Total Solar Eclipse on July 22,2009 was Historic in Nepal

Nepal First Total Solar Eclipse Observation Campaign concludes with the grand Success!

40th Anniversary Of Apollo 11.

NASO meets with His Excellency Rakesh Sood,Ambassador of India to Nepal on July 20,2009

NASO continues spreading news regarding Total Solar Eclipse in Nepal on July 22,2009

Rijendra Thapa addresses at Planeray Session of 60th IAC ,12-16 October,2009 Daejeon,Republic of Korea

The 100 Hours of Astronomy judging committee has returned their final results!

Copernicus Remains Verified by DNA Analysis

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 7, 2009

Darkness after sunrise:Are you ready for the first and longest solar eclipse of the 21st century?