National School in Astronomy and Astrophysics 2009

OT: Moonwalker Michael Jackson is Dead

International Rreport on Stars for Global Peace now available!

Nepalese witness Total solar eclipse on July 22 for three Minutes!

Nepal's First Astronomical Documentry released today!

Boy genius challenges Einstein

Nepal's First Astronomical Documentry releases on Sunday,14th June,2009 at St. Xavier's College,Kathmandu

Japanese probe set to crash into moon at 00:15 NST ,Thursday,June 11,2009!

SGAC makes a statement to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

Hubble Space Telescope

Arietid meteor shower peaks on Sunday,7th June,2009

Star Peace Global Program in Nepal to celebrate World Enviromnet Day today!

Nepal celebrates World Environmental Day with Lots of Activities on June 5!

International Conference on Frontier's of Physics(ICFP-2009) Concludes with Great Success!

Nobel laureate holds out hope for Nepalese Scientists and Researchers

17th WIMNACT,Minicolloquim onNanodevices (1-MONAD 2009), held on Kathmandu on June 3, 2009

Physics solves problems: Nobel laureate Klitzing