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Thank you all for your support! Lets Celebrate IAU100 together!

Dear subscribers! Thank you very much for your best wishes and support in the past to bring astronomy and space science in Nepal! I started my journey doing astronomy and space science outreach in 2007 and in those years, I have been invited to visit all six continents of the world to share my experience and train/learn from people!

This year, the world is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of International Astronomical Union (IAU100) with different activities! Let's work together to share the opportunity to be together with the global astronomical community once again! We had an excellent International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) and looking forward to making another success story from Nepal with IAU100 with the support, cooperation, and coordination from all of you! 
With my new role as IAU National Outreach Coordinator for Nepal, I will be able to connect local, national, regional and international individuals, groups and organizations working in astronomy!

Keep exploring!