Eyes on The Skies Opens 100 HA in Nepal

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) and The St. Xavier's College,Kathmandu organized a program to celebrate the Opening events of 100 Hours of Astronomy in Nepal today.
During the program,Suresh Bhattarai and Rijendra Thapa of NASO gave a brief introduction about IYA2009 and 100 Hours of Astronomy.
After the introduction,There was a screening of "The Eyes on The Skies" for an hour.
More than 100 students from I.Sc. and B.Sc. enjoyed the movie during the program.There were also teachers and the faculty members from the Department of Physics to give the rise in the number of participants by a dozens.
"It was really interesting" said one of the participants from B.Sc. 1 st year Students.There was a huge queue to have a copy of the DVDs for others.
Meanwhile, there was a star party to observe Saturn organized my GASPO-Nepal which was postpond for tomorrow due to adverse weather in Kathmandu.


  1. I am considering traval to Nepal to view the Leopnid meteor storm on Novmmber 17, 2009. Could someone plese guide me on finding the ideal location so as to have greatest probability of clear skies. Thank you.

    Chris Tudan,
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


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