Boy genius challenges Einstein

A 16-year-old has developed a new theory to counter Albert Einstein's most famous theory of relativity. Biratnagar's Rijan Karkee's theory is built around the idea that two repulsive forces, instead of the traditionally thought gravitationally attractive forces, explains the continuous expansion of the universe.
Karkee had attended the 28th International Space Development Conference in Florida, U.S. His theory is formulaically represented by Fg=Mc2/d, a slightly different theory than Einstein's E=Mc2. He explained his theory and his experience in the conference to physicists, teachers and media present at a press conference organised at the Nobel Academy on Thursday.

To one from a non-science background, his theory states that like our life cycle, the universe also has its own life cycle that continues forever. According to him, natural energy converts into a repulsive force. He has combined the theories of Einstein and Newton to create his own theory which is being studied by the scientists in the U.S.

The Nobel Academy has announced a full scholarship for his higher secondary education. Karkee awaits his results for the School Leaving Certificate exams as of now.

Source:The Kathmandu Post,National English Daily,June12,2009


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