30 Nights of Star Peace in Nepal:That's the Red Planet!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) organized star party on April 6 in the street of ancient city Handigaun as 30 nights of star peace in Nepal as an another GAM2010 celebration is Nepal. During the event,the participants were guided to the Mars with the astronomical Pointer, more than 30 people gazed to the Red Planet, Mars through our Binoculars!

Photo: A Banner for the 30 Nights of Star Peace for April 4-6 with the flags of participants countries Nepal,India,Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

During the event,we shared the theme of "one people one sky" with India while our attempt to connect with Sri Lanka and Pakistan failed due to technical problems in the telephone. S.P.C.A.C.E shared two photos that were taken by C.B. Devgan as a part of 30 nights of Star Peace in Nepal and India.

Photo: Venus and Mercury closed toe ach other in the western horizon of Delhi,captured by C.B. Devgan,S.P.A.C.E. India on April 6,2010.

Photo: S.P.A.C.E captured -8 Iridium Flare as seen in the sky above Delhi on April 6,2010.

Here is the news on this second phase of 30 Nights of Star Peace/GAM on IYA official website:

Also, NASO have set up a contest in the televison Channel as part of GAM celebration in Nepal. The contest will be telecast by Friday.More informations on this contest will be available by this Friday!

We are coming to you with more GAM events in Nepal. So, stay tuned with our blogs! happy Reading to all of you :-)


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