16th SET Exhibition 2011: A busy day for astronomical outreach in Kathmandu!

Today, I remained extremely busy showing THE SUN to the participants of SET exhibition at my college.Though the programme started officially at 09:30 Hrs, I have already started to show look into the Sun and the spot that has been formed for last couple of days.

We had put our project " Promoting Space Science Education and Astronomy in Nepal" for which our team had worked for several week. Though we plan for CCD imaging and live streaming of the Sun in the screen, we could not do that because of heavy crowd since morning. Our team had been composed of M.Sc. physics ( second year) and B.Sc. Physics (third year) to show the possibilities of intra class collaboration for such project in coming days and for greater interaction among the Physics students in the college.

Today we had three parallel session, one explanation of the posters and formation or galaxies and role of citizen to discover his/her position in this vast universe! G.D. Pudasaini ( B.Sc.) and Shekhar Phuyal( M.Sc.) were busy explaining about the universe and Sunspot and it's consequences to Earth, another was Message to the alien. Mr. Utsab Kandel was busy filming people behind our Message banner with their massage to alien if they exist! I was busy with the telescope with the long queue behind me and our project leader Mr. Rijendra Thapa was busy co-ordinating all the queue to our main stall where G.D. are Shekhar were busy explaining universe, to the telescope and to the shooting spot!

We even didn't have time to eat and were busy till 16:00 Hrs. Though we packed up for all others stuffs, I remained busy showing Sunspot till 16:15 Hrs for the remaining queue!!

With our project, more than 1500 people look at he Sun and its Sun spot for the first time and more than 100 people recored their message to Alien!!

Thank you all who visited our project stall today and special thank goes to Riwaj Pokhrel, for his help to control the crowd when I felt tired!

Hurrey, we made anothet successful outreach in Nepal:-)


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