9th National School on Space Science, Kathmandu,Nepal,March 28-April 3, 2010

B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board organizing seven day workshop on space science specially focusing on astronomy and astrophysics during March 28-April 3, 2011 in Kathmandu.

The registration deadline is Thursday, March 10, 2011! ( for more info and online form visit http://www.planeta-observatory.gov.np/school9.php?)

The topics to be discussed in the school are as follows.

1. 1. Observation
(a) Sky map & telescope use.
(b) Observational techniques - optical, infrared, radio, x-ray, gamma-ray.

2. Our Neighbourhood
(a) Solar system
(b) Extra solar planet

3. Stellar Evolution: HR Diagramme, main sequence star, Nuclear Fusion & Fission, Plasma State of Matter - Red Giant, White Dwarf, Brown Dwarf, Neutron Star, Supernova Explosion, Black Hole.

4. Elementary / Astro-Particles: Interaction, classification, symmetry, symmetry breaking, astro-particles.

5. Galaxy: Classification, structure, properties.

6. Large Scale Structure: Galaxies, Clusters, Hubble Expansion, Red Shift, Microwave Background, Rotation Curve, Dark Matter.

7. Early universe & its evolution: Inflation, Nucleosynthesis, radiation-matter decoupling.

8. Astrophysical plasma: Fourth state of matter, occurrence of plasma in solar system and astrophysical objects.

9. Observation: Observation of night sky from Kathmandu and Nagarkot.

1. Stellar structure.
2. Field theory and particle physics.
3. Perturbation of FRW spacetime
4. Structure formation
5. Galaxies

Experts of the subject will conduct three lectures each day backed by exercises. There will also be time for discussion on the lectures and further clarifications. Arrangements will be made to have a view of the night sky to identify some of the astronomical objects.


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