Lets help our Japanese friends as much as we can!

Dear valued readers,

Here is the appeal from our Japanese friends for the help to those people who have been greatly suffered from the earthquakes/Aftershocks/Tsunami and Damage of nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Lets do our best to help these people, as we believe in one "people, one sky". These disasters took life of hundreds of people so far.

Original Request from the Japanese friend, Hiroshi Yamashita
Dear my foreign friends,

North east area of Japan is still confusing because of afterquake, accident of atomic power, and so on.
Influence of them, we hold the planning stoppage of electric power supply.
This earthquake and Tsunami took many lives and livings.
However, now we start rehabilitation and go back to daily life.
We have to save power for the disaster area.
On the other hand, we have to keep economic activities as usual.
I apologize to send just non-interactive message not so often against messages from my foreign friends.

Please, help us by the following actions.

1. Donate money through contribution in the Japanese Red Cross Society
or UNISEF site, please.

2. Buy Japanese products in your country as usual or more often, please.

3. Stop unfounded gossip of radiation of atomic power in your country.
I believe my respectable friends have ability of analysing the truth of the accident.

4. Continue to pray for disaster area in Japan and send encouraging messages for them on the web, please.

5. Please visit Japan for sightseeing or business after confusing of disaster calms (probably 2 or 3 months later,next May or June).
I can guide everywhere you want.

Many thanks for your kindness.

Per aspera ad astra!

Lets join our hand together to help these people in need however possible...


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