Waxing Crescent Moon besides Swayambhu Temple (Monkey Temple)

Dear valued readers,

I am presenting you the work of Sajani Manandhar who has started doing photography for last couple of months and getting towards professionalism. Here I present her work and her quotes for the moments. I am very thankful to her for taking this blog for reaching the world with her creative and innovative work. I found it as one of precious piece of landscape astrophotography done in Nepal by such female photographer.

She writes "It’s not that we always get lucky. When the moon is just besides the great Swayambhu Nath Temple, there might be no light and when there is light, the moon might not be in the right place. But, last Sunday, 26th February 2012, I got very lucky. Actually I always wanted to caputre the moon and Swayambhu Nath Temple together. That day I waited for around one hour in the cold weather for the moon to travel all way round towards temple. I am an amateur photographer, I have not decided on my genre yet. I click whatever I feel like clicking but being Buddhist myself I had a desire to catch this mesmerizing view in my camera. When I got this image, I was very happy but then I felt like I don’t know much about the moon. These days I am busy learning more about planets and satellites."

Congratulations Sajani for this wonderful work. Looking forward to get more work in coming days.

All the best with your landscape astrophotography in Nepal :)


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