Are you looking for an opportunity to become a leader!

Hello readers, Good evening from Kathmandu :)

Hope you are enjoying reading my blog over the years and will follow the post in coming days :) Today, I am sharing you an opportunity to learn leadership and raise the voice of youths of your country to UN on Space Application. How many of you have heard of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)? If you are aware of it then that's great, if not then I recommend you to have a look at its offical website: The membership is free for all 18-35 years citizens of nations listed under UN regions. If you find your country in the website but did not find National Point of Contact ( NPoC) for it, it's a great opportunity for you :) Moreover if you did not find your country then that will be another great opportunity for you to be a leader. Once you send your application, the executive council of SGAC will review over it and you will be informed about the results in due time!

So, are you ready for this challenging yet with full of great excitement and opportunities to lead your nation? Then prepare a good Letter of Intent (Motivation Letter) and latest CV with all your engagements and send them together with your headshot photo of good resolution!

All the best, Will catch you with another news :)


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