Find An Asteroid Search Campaign & Move An Asteroid 2012 Competitions of SGAC

The Near Earth Object Working Group ( NEO-WG) of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) has announced two important competitions.

1. Find An Asteroid Search Campaign in collaboration with IASC ( It has slots for 10 - 15 teams, with 3 - 5 individuals each, to participate in an Asteroid Search Campaign. No previous knowledge is required and participants have the chance to discover an asteroid! Application deadline June 1.

While teams can be made up by individuals from around the world, SGAC would also like to see some regional or national teams, (e.g. Team Kiwi, Team UK, Team Latinamerica, etc.). That is where you come in! As you can imagine, this is a great outreach opportunity in your country, try to make the best of it. While doing so, please don't forget to spread the word about our other competition as well: 2. Move An Asteroid 2012 Technical Paper Competition - for the 5th year in a row, SGAC is looking for novel ideas with regard to asteroid detection, safe deflection, or a global warning system. The winner will receive a funded trip to Naples, Italy to present his/her winning idea at the Space Generation Congress (SGC) and International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Due date is July 15.

You can find more info on both competitions on the NEO WG page: SGAC would like to ask you to spread the word about these two opportunities in your region or country to encourage students and young professionals to apply. If you are not sure who to contact in your country, Contact Alex Karl, NEO-WG project co-lead (alex [at], he can give you some ideas. For updates, please feel free to visit SGAC official website To know more about these projects of SGAC, please click here

All the best to all of you who are taking part on these competitions :)


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