Interaction programme on LEAD IN PAINT in Kathmandu!

April 30, Center for Public health and Environmental Development (CEPHED)in support of SSNC Sweden organised a half day interaction programme on Lead in paint at SAP-Falcha, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The programme was inaugurated by Hon. Hem Raj Tater, Minister of Environment of Nepal. He briefed status of different laws and policies that government of Nepal going to implement for the green Nepal. The first section of the programme was intended to update the audience about the status of colour market in Nepal and how things are going, how lead comes in the paint, etc. The speakers of the section includes people from NAST, Ministry, National Lab, National and International Paint Industries. The interaction section began with the short presentation on Lead in Paint by Ram Charitra Shah, executive director and environment scientist at CEPHED. The hardwork to get all the stake holders under the same roof by the CEPHED remained praiseworthy. The interaction remained very fruitful with some recommendations. The participants from all the concern bodies, ministry,NAST, Paint industries, regulating body, workers, teachers, medical doctors, laywers, engineers and scientists had almost same voice for the effort to go on public with some information. For this, different approaches had been discussed. I wish CEPHED all the best for its upcoming work! Lets not keep our child dull!! STAY LEAD FREE, STAY SAFE!


  1. Are there any documents stating the lead amount on paints in Nepal? That would be an interesting research to carry out. Lead amount in air or may be blood of humans around.

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