Had Wonderful Time with SGC2012, UN/IAF Workshop and IAC2012 at Naples, Italy, Septmember 27-October 5, 2012

Hello readers, 

I am back now from my 10 days trip to Italy and jet lagged from the trip. This was my first time to participate in the International Astronautical Congress ( IAC) which I could not attend last year! I was in Cape Town, South Africa, to attend Space Generation Congress in September 2011.

This year though I was not a delegate to Space Generation Congress ( SGC) I managed to attend the Gala Dinner which was organised on September 29, 2012 to meet some of my great friends who were not staying for the IAC next week!! For this I had to  miss another Gala Dinner organised by UN/IAF Workshop where I missed to interact with my new friends! It's always a matter of time and you don't get sweets in your both hand ;)

My participation to this great gathering was possible as I was invited by UNOOSA to attend UN/IAF Workshop 2012 during September 28-30, 2012. This workshop remained very fruitful to network with new people with our ideas and share our work as there were only~100 people from more than 50 countries. 

IAC was always a crowded place and more to get and more to lose!! Sometimes you will loose a lot of time to identify the session which you are interested in and sometimes you find that your sessions are overlapping!!!
Despite of busy schedule of these conference works, I managed to visit two exciting places in Naples: Pompei and Mt. Vesuvius which ruined the Pompei in 79 AD. 

Those 10 days I spend in Naples remained very fruitful  as I made many new friends and was succeeded to imprint our work to audience during my presentation! I am glad that some countries will follow our work module to implement their work in coming days!!

Wish you all a happy weather and clear skies!!!

Pura Vida :-)


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