International Conference on Astrophysics & Cosmology (ICAC), March 19-21, 2012!

Join NASO the TLE celebration in Nepal at NAST on December 10, 2011!

Join NASO the TLE celebration in Nepal at NAST on December 10, 2011!

Don't miss the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011

Apply for some great positions at SGAC!

Astronomical Tour to Chitwan, Makawanpur and Sarlahi 2011

International Observe the Moon Night and Draconid Meteor Shower in Nepal!

Space Generation Congress 2011 ( SGC2011) rocks!

In Memoriam: Michael J. Drake!

Nepal Tour 2011 (Trekking/cultural/astrophotography)

Wonderful Time in Chaing Mai during APRIM2011, july 26-29, 2011!

Total Lunar Eclipse Observation Campaign 2011 in Nepal

Talk on Astronomy and Space Science at Martin Chautari

First Human in Space:Yuri Gagarin!

NASO at Exhibition 2011

The Time Mechine: Movie for GAM2011!

Global Astronomy Month Eve 2011 in Nepal

Celebration of 50th Anniversary of First Man in Space, 2011 in Nepal

Lets help our Japanese friends as much as we can!

Yuri's Night Zero-G Contests Are Open now!


9th National School on Space Science, Kathmandu,Nepal,March 28-April 3, 2010

16th SET Exhibition 2011: A busy day for astronomical outreach in Kathmandu!

Grand Design is now available in the Nepalese Market!


Night Sky: January 2011

Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2011-Nepal